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3 Reasons to use your local plumber.

With recent television shows and media highlighting dodgy plumbers and their  work practices, many of you have opted to use bigger companies in the hope of a better service. Below are three of many reasons why you would be much better off with a small local plumber.

  1. The first reason, and probably the most shocking, is that when you use the Bigger plumbing and heating firms, nine times out of ten the actual plumber that attends your property will be a local tradesman. This is because the larger company workforce are 90% sub-contractors. So your getting a local plumber, but paying excessive hourly rates!
  2. Larger firms not only have high hourly rates, but encourage their engineers to spend much longer on a job then necessary. The larger the company the larger the overheads. The first hour of labour charged to you does not contain any profit for a large company,  due to there cost of advertising and many other expenses, as a result each job has to take longer then an hour for the company to make any money.
  3. Level of service. Small professional plumbing and heating companies rely on repeat business. If we do a good job for a fair price, we like to think, if needed, you’ll use us again. As a result local engineers are more customer focused rather then money focused.

So next time your in need of a plumber or heating engineer try a local tradesman. Quick flow always advise seeking recommendations from family or friends. We would be happy to provide proof of qualifications and proof of customer satisfaction. A professional plumber will be only too happy to provide any information needed to put your mind at rest.