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Importance of having your gas appliances regularly serviced.

Date: 29th Aug 2014

 Believe it or not this picture shows a two year old boiler! When it was installed the engineer had accidentally left the gas setting on liquid petroleum gas ( LPG ) and not the correct natural gas setting. This is an extreme case, but highlights that having your gas appliances serviced every year can pick […]

Saving money on your heating & hot water bill’s this winter.

Date: 11th Nov 2013

    With energy prices on the constant rise and winter around the corner, here’s a few tips from Quick flow on saving energy and keeping a bit of that money in your pocket! The first and most obvious way to save money is usage. The less you use the cheaper your bills are going to […]

3 Reasons to use your local plumber.

Date: 20th Oct 2013

With recent television shows and media highlighting dodgy plumbers and their  work practices, many of you have opted to use bigger companies in the hope of a better service. Below are three of many reasons why you would be much better off with a small local plumber. The first reason, and probably the most shocking, […]

Hello London

Date: 17th Aug 2013

Hello from everyone at quick flow plumbing & heating. We are a small plumbing & heating company that services the South East & South West of our great capital. Using our blog we’ll keep you posted on what’s going on with us and within the industry. So whether its a  brand new product or a […]